Meet the team

... and our Committee Team support it all coming together

From left top to right bottom (2020 Winter committee)....
Pete Ainley (Development Coordinator), Helen Ainley (Registrar), Adele Denham (Treasurer), Taryn Edom, Devan Perry (President), Anna Hopkins (Vice President), Janine Buckingham (Equipment Coordinator), Donna Yates (General Committee).

Our newly appointed 2021 Committee are as follows:

President - Peter Ainley. Vice President - Anna Hopkins, Registrar - Helen Ainley. Secretary - Jennifer Furse, Treasurer - Adele Denham, Communications Officer - Kylie Jones, Development Coordinator - Trevor Bastow, Equipment Coordinator - Janine Buckingham, Fundraising Coordinator - Renee Horgan, Sponsorship & Grants - Devan Perry, Umpire Coordinator - Vicki Hewitt, General Committee - Donna Yates, General Committee - Kelly Kirwen,

2021 Coaches

2021 Umpires

QDNC Umpires

Vicki Hewitt (Umpire Coordinator), Luka Ainley, Maddy Hopkins, Jessica Buckingham, Isabella Holl, Amber Horgan, Jaimee Yates, Kate Hopkins, Bronte Scaife

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